C Programming For All- Full Course Details

March 29th, 2017

Thank You For watching my Free 1 hr C programming course on Youtube.I hope you liked it. If you are interested on having detailed and well managed course content with ample description and examples, then the course of more than 7 hours is at your access. The topics are presented and described in such a way that you will have no difficulties in having a stronghold on the so called tough concepts of programming. So my dear friends this particular course is something which you won’t regret being enrolled into!

This era is an era of programming and programmers! C programming language is one of the best languages for beginning the journey of programming. It’s considered as the best compromise between High level and low level programming language, thus terming it as mid level or hybrid language. It’s preferred whenever we need to communicate with the system. It’s system programming language. - Use of C programming language in Operating system and drivers makes it an effective and efficient language - Processing speed almost comparable to machine/ assembly language is one of the striking feature of C programming language - Inclusion of C programming language in majority of Academic syllabus represents its importance

C Programming For All- 7hours+ detailed course

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The course contents are presented as:

I C programming for all - Detailed summary of course and how we are going to move ahead in programming

IA A quick look upon C programming - History and features of c programming language

1 First program in C - The classic Hello World program

2 escape sequence - Mechanism for formatting the output

3 Arithmetic operations in C - Calculations with ease

4 Taking user input - Processing of input from user part

5 Handling conditions in C programming - Conditional statements implementations

6if else statement - How to use them and why they are needed.

7else if statement - How we use them and reason behind that.

8 nested if else - Way for using if else within if else

9 Bonus calculations

- Nested if and if else implementation

- Programmer’s way for handling an issue or calculation

10 odd and even number check - If statements continued

11 Switch statements 1

12 switch statement 2

- Needs of switch statements

- Advantages and disadvantages

13 Introduction of loops - Why loops are needed

14 while loop

15 do while loop

16 for loop

-17 nested loops

- Loops within loop

18 Introduction of functions

- What is function?

- Why they are needed?

- Benefits of using functions

- Getting used to function

19 Calculations using functions

20 Calculations using functions 2

- Functions concept continued

- Function declaration and function definition

21 Switch and if else in function

- Implementing the earlier discussed concepts in function

22 Types of user defined functions

23 Passing data into function

- Call by value or pass by value with suitable example

24 pointers

- Basic concept behind pointers

25 Call by reference

- Suitable example along with program

- Difference between call by value and reference

26 Recursion

- Recursive functions and why they are needed?

- How they are used?

27 Arrays

- What is array?

- Array initialization

- Benefits of using it

28 Calculations in Arrays

- Mathematical operations in array

29 Handling conditions in Array

- Checking conditions in array

30 Swapping two numbers

- Interchanging values of variables which concept will be used afterwards for sorting

31 Bubble Sort

32 Selection Sort

- Sorting technique with detailed description and difference between them

33 Multidimensional Array

34 Operations in multi dimensional Array

- Matrix operations with descriptions

35 Strings

- Why and how to use string

36 gets and puts function

- Why they are needed - Pros and cons

37 Strings library function

38 Strings library function 2

39 Strings library function 3

- Using library functions for making task easier in string

40 Structure - Accessing structure members and assigning values

41 User input structure - Taking input from user for structure members

42 Structure and array - Using array with structure

43 Structure sorting - Sorting technique implemented in structure members

44 DMA

45 DMA2

- Use of calloc malloc realloc and free for handling the dynamic memory allocation

46 PreProcessor Directives

47 File opening modes

- Read write and append modes with examples and implementation

48 Read and write from file

49 Read and write from file 2

50 Reading from File

51 Writing into file

52 Writing into file2

53 File backup

54 Saving structure information into file

55 Common Errors

- Discussion and demo regarding the debugging part

56 Before Wrapping Up

- Final sayings


C Programming For All- 7hours+ detailed course

Your Email Address

$49.99($9.99 for limited time)

(After making a payment wait for the page to redirect to the members area or else we will email you the link after few hours :) No worries !! )

About The Tutor: I believe that programming doesn’t need to be dealt with tough and mind boggling approach. That will take the fun out of it. Learning with examples is the best approach to deal with it.

KISS logic is more than needed here! Keep it simple silly! Hello everyone it’s me Roshan Shrestha. By profession I am an engineer. I love playing around with new innovations during my free time. Currently associated with: - Broadway Infosys Nepal as C and C++ instructor where I have been for more than 5 years - Game developer at Chipleti company - Technical manager at AP1 television

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